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 Laser-Cut Clock Faces 

clock face 2.PNG

Just before winter break my freshman year (2018), I decided I wanted to make my family a Christmas gift instead of buying one. Using AutoCAD, I designed a clock face that I wanted to be laser cut.

Initially, I chose 1/4" plywood as my material for the clock face. I bough a 12"x12" square of it and sent it to the fabrication lab to be cut. However, I was soon called back to retrieve my material because there was an issue. Once I arrived, I was informed that the plywood I chose had too many layers and therefore too much glue, which caused the laser beam to refract and caught the wood on fire. I then switched my material to 1/8" plywood and was able to laser cut the clock face without any issues.

Today, I hang the burnt first prototype on my wall as a keepsake.


Once I got the clock face laser cut, I added the actual clock mechanism and gifted it to my parents that Christmas. Currently, it resides in my dad's home office.

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