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Creative - Smartflower Solar 3-30-21_edited.jpg

 Adhering Straight Text   to a Curved Surface 

Creative - Smartflower Solar 3-30-21_edited.jpg

While working as an Engineering Co-op at Smartflower Solar, one project I was assigned was to design a vinyl sticker logo that would be attached to the dome cover of each Smartflower unit. The logo would be the name of the company and must appear straight when applied to the surface. This proved to be a great challenge because the dome cover was slanted and curved.


Using SolidWorks and InDesign, I  determine the angle the Smartflower logo needed to be curved in order to appear straight when applied to the dome cover.

To determine the height at which the logo appeared the most straight, I created a paper mock-up and tested it on an unused unit (the round logo beneath it was out-of-date).

Once I figured out and marked that height, I sent my design to a local vinyl sticker shop and created the final logo.

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