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Hello! My name is Abby McMonigal and I am a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering + Design student at Northeastern University. Through my coursework and two co-ops, I have gained a decent foundation in engineering. This past fall (2020) I switched my major to Northeastern's new Mechanical Engineering and Design program, meaning I have begun taking design courses through the College of Arts, Media, and Design. This portfolio mainly focuses on my engineering background, but as I complete more design projects I will be adding them here. I am very excited to further pursue my interdisciplinary plan of study and apply my  design studies to a career in industrial design!

Outside of school, I love collecting vinyl records, knitting, and coming up with projects that I can gift to my friends and family. Additionally, I love exploring Boston; specifically by attempting to visit every restaurant around the city that has the Guy Fieri seal of approval. So far I've crossed Veggie Galaxy, Saus, Mike's City Diner, Boston Burger Company, and Dirty Water Dough Company off of my list.

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